Net 30 Clothing Vendors and Other Wholesale Vendors

Top net 30 clothing vendors

Net 30 clothing vendors offer their customers the ability to pay within 30 days of the invoice date for clothing they purchase. Payment arrangements like this are often used by businesses to manage their cash flow and budget their expenses after they purchase goods from vendors.

Wholesale clothing distributors, clothing manufacturers, and online retailers that sell fashion accessories and clothing are some examples of net 30 clothing vendors. It is also easy to see these clothing brands at wholesale prices in the showrooms of these companies in the United States.

Net 30 accounts list the top net 30 clothing vendors and best wholesale clothing vendors.

Net 30 and Other Wholesale Clothing Vendor List

Clothing Wholesalers that offer Net 30

Miami-based wholesale women’s clothing retailer. This is one of the leading wholesalers and has the widest selection of bohemian resort wear, coverups, and summer outfits. They offer a return policy of 10 business days if the product is damaged or incorrect.

As part of its partnership with Rumpleship, La Moda Clothing ranks among the top net 30 clothing vendors. Now offers net terms for all inventory purchases in order to manage short- and long-term working capital challenges.

Lamoda offers Net 30/60 completely free of charge and also offers extended terms at a reasonable price beyond Net 60.

La moda clothing

Denise Thigpen is the founder and CEO of Wholesale Boutique. It is one of the best suppliers of home goods, apparel, bags and accessories. The success of the company is due to the dedication and hard work of its staff.

The company promises to offer unique, distinctive, fresh, and personalized products. Customers are required to spend a minimum of $3000 with Wholesale Boutique for net 30 payment terms.

Viv and Lou wholesale boutique

A direct-to-garment printing company, owned by the same company as Crown Office Supplies, Shirtsy is one of the few custom clothing vendors offering net 30 payment terms.

On industrial OmniJet and Ricoh DTG printers, the corporate clothing company prints high-quality fabrics and inks at its headquarters. On any material, they can print full-resolution photos using screen printing.

They offer customize designed cotton t-shirts, hoodies, and sweat shorts. A few pairs of jeans and shorts are also available, as well as denim jackets and high quality sneakers. An annual fee of $99 is required to apply for trade credit. 


A membership-based apparel printing company exclusively for business owners & entrepreneurs, The Business T-Shirt Club is the only one of its kind. 

There is a wide range of net 30 wholesale clothing products offered by this company, including shirts, sportswear, hats, masks and many other items.

This wholesale clothing vendor is one of the top net 30 t shirt vendors. A fee of $70 is required each year to receive net 30 payment terms, which includes different credit reports.

Business t shirt club

Other Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors

Eye catching style with an award winning quality clothing vendor. Each week, Bloom offers new styles of women’s tops and dresses. That’s why Bloom will always be a trending clothing vendor. Women’s fashion clothing starts at $5 to $7 at Bloom’s wholesale boutique. Their plus size women’s clothing ranks among the finest in the clothing industry.

bloom clothing

Fashion Domino is a premium wholesale fashion marketplace based in Los Angeles. The site connects manufacturers and distributors with buyers worldwide, enabling them to sell wholesale clothing, handbags, shoes, and cosmetics.

As a new player in the wholesale fashion industry, Fashion Domino strive to provide better online business-to-business shopping experiences. It focuses mainly on women’s clothing, but company provide clothing for men and children as well.

They feature brands with regularly updated collections and exceptional customer service, with more than 2000 vendors in los angeles fashion industry.

Fashion domino wholesale clothing vendor

You can find exquisite fashion at the best wholesale prices at Tasha Apparel, the biggest wholesale boutique clothing vendor in Los Angeles.

Wholesale apparel and quality women’s clothing are available on the Tasha Apparel platform. Among them are wholesale dresses, tops, shirts, jeans, skirts, and fashion jewelry and bags in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

With Tasha Apparel, you can dropship quality wholesale women’s clothing from the USA and earn significant profit margins by ordering clothes at reasonable prices.

Tasha Apparel has abundant clothing styles and sufficient inventory from cooperating with many trusted boutique wholesale clothing suppliers. These clothes are constantly updated and offer the lowest prices in the fashion industry.

tasha apparel

As one of the world’s leading fashion, sports, and fitness clothing brands, Alanic Clothing has reached the world. It strives to enhance the apparel industry as a whole. With twice the guts in every action, they have doubled their success and are invincible in the industry today. 

The reason Alanic Clothing is so dominant today is because they work so well together. With access to dexterous professionals from designers to distributors, it’s the preeminent manufacturing hub, not just in the US, but in Australia, Canada, and the UK as well. 

The clothes range from fashion to fitness, taking care of individual preferences, allowing customization but never sacrificing quality and comfort. They design clothes for men, women, and kids. Business merchants or individual bulk buyers looking to place bulk orders with the company are welcome to seal business deals with Alanic.

Alanic clothing wholesale vendor

Since over 10 years ago, Chase USA International Inc. has been manufacturing and importing children’s clothing with high quality and competitive pricing starting from San Diego, California. With excellent customer service and high quality products, their goal is to make sure you get the right deal.

A long-established clothing distributor, Chase USA International Inc. has a number of brands, including G Minor, ACTIV PRO, Junction 8, Chikny, Chinky Minky, RND and others. The company offers hundreds of clothing items for adults, girls and boys

For maximum flexibility, they offer minimum orders starting at 12 units. According to the company, no order is too small or too large. There are hundreds of clothing retail stores, businesses, and more that carry their products.

chase usa international

On a desk in Manhattan’s Garment District, Royal Apparel was founded in the early 1990s. Passion and determination have always driven Royal Apparel to stay true to its made in USA mission.

With its eco-friendly product lines and American-made garments, Royal Apparel has become an industry leader. Among the clothes they offer are garments for men, women, teens, kids, babies, and children. 

Most of the products are made in the US at the company’s union shop. In addition to music and art brands, wellness brands, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, breweries, wineries, restaurants, and retail chains, their garments are worn by national parks, museums, breweries, wineries, and restaurants.

Wholesale pricing for blanks and bulk clothing can be viewed once you open a wholesaler account.

Royal apparel wholesale

Providing American-made clothes at the lowest possible price is the core mission of All USA Clothing. “Made in the USA” is the slogan used by the wholesaler, demonstrating its commitment to promote American manufacturers and promote the country in the long run.

Over 45 years ago, the company’s most popular items were introduced to the market. Work and safety clothing manufacturer and one of the largest manufacturers in the U.S. of heavy-duty and safety clothing.

Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing is available. Additionally, they collaborate with Carhartt, New Balance, Union Line, King Louie America, Camber Sportswear and Wigwam.

All USA clothing wholesale vendor

A premium-quality wholesale clothing vendor since 2006, Wholesale Fashion Square offers fashion lines for women and girls, including tops, activewear, and swimwear. Additionally, they sell fashion accessories such as bags, makeup, and beauty supplies. Along with the jewelry catalog, they have earrings, bracelets, rings and many more. The wholesale fashion marketplace is essentially a one-stop shop.

Hundreds of Los Angeles-area manufacturers and retailers contribute to WFS’s wholesale clothes and jewelry. Known for their affordable, trendy, and fashion-forward clothing, their inventory focuses on premium fashion items.

Looking for some great clothing vendors that offer Net 30 payment terms? Check out our list of Net 30 Clothing Vendors! And if you’re interested in even more vendors that offer extended payment terms, be sure to take a look at our comprehensive list of net 60 vendors.

wholesale fashion square

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